Greencare Medical Clinic Health Care Team will focus on each individual case. After each procedure and where appropriate, each patient will be offered education in rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise . Our goal is to create an all-inclusive experience for each patient in order to optimize their health.


Online Phytoceuticals Orders


Dried simple Herbals and Herbal Tea blends
Essential Oils and Oil Blends
Herbal Creams and Cream Blends
Herbal Fluid Extract Complex Formulations
Herbal Suppositories
Chinese Herbal Formulas
Western Herbal Formulas
Fermented Herbal Blends
Veterinary Western and Chinese Herbal Formulas


Veterinary Herbal Coumpounding


vet herbals

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Holistic Health Services

doctor taking a female patient's pulse.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine
Western Botanical Medicine
Acupoint Injection
Complex Homeopathy
Diet & Lifestyle Modifications
Bio Identical Hormonal Replacement
EDTA Chelation Therapy
Heavy Metal Removal via DMPS or DMSA
Medical Detox / Fasting
Mesotherapy (for body sculpting and skin rejuvenation)
IV Nutrition Therapies

Functional Lab Services

Indican Test for Bowel Toxicity
Food Sensitivity Panel
Individualized Optimal Nutrition Testing
Environmental Toxicity Testing
Zinc Tally Test
Hormone Testing/ Endocrinology

Health Education

Preventative Health
Diabetic Teaching
Nutritional/ Dietician Services
Exercise and Obesity Counselling
Stress Management
Personalized health (Telemedicine appointments available)